wounds don't bloom flowers

Fires are buzzing instead of flies and we’re counting murders to mark the progress of the country.

Do you know what a split wound looks like? the farther it displaces the skin, the further it places our identities.

If this is a trap that is curved into a smile, the warmth is bleeding out.

Do you know what a split wound smells like? It’s a birth. It smells of something that is unkind. Some ask what was the necessity, disgusted; others welcome the child in their laps, not out of love: just so they have another to turn.

And do you know what a split wound feels like? It feels just like a wound. There’s pain and there’s blood. May be broken bone(s). It’ll worry mothers and infuriate fathers.

Nothing blooms out of it. It heals, and sometimes remains as a scar.

Unless, of course, you’re dead, lifeless with trapped air that if released would protest.

New Delhi, April 2019.

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